Apple TV + Netflix

I am a confessed lazy person.  I don’t want to leave my house to get a movie.  I hate even more taking a movie back, which inevitably leads to late fees.  And Blockbuster…god, I hate Blockbuster.  Ever since someone rented movies on my ‘lost’ card (a card which shouldn’t have even been issued), I have been wishing terrible things on them.

Finally, that terrible thing has come to pass.  Netflix.  Though for us, it’s spectacularly awesome.  For $8 a month, you get a ton of movies.  Sure, they’re not new releases but did I mention that it’s $8? I think it would be comparable to going into those variety stores where there’s a 1000 older movies.

There are a couple of catches.   First, you need an internet connection.  Okay, everyone has one of those.  Second, you need something to stream it.  I have Apple TV.  Some of the newer BluRay players (Samsung or Insignia) will also stream it.  Anyway, why is it so cool?  Because of the rating system.  Once you begin to rate movies, it’ll start suggesting movies for you — and it’s pretty accurate.  The more movies you rate, the more accurate it is.  It’s pretty amazing really.

Then there’s Apple TV.  I wouldn’t say it does anything revolutionary.  It streams media directly to your TV.  So it can stream music, movies, etc from your computer (but only Apple extensions).  But you can rent movies directly from iTunes ($4-6 each — streamed in HD…same as a BluRay).

Die, Blockbuster.  Die.

3 thoughts on “Apple TV + Netflix

  1. Eileen

    I “hooked up” earlier this winter, (Netflix and Apple TV) and you are right. This is truly a wonderful thing. Weirdly compelling stuff out there, that Blockbuster just doesn’t carry. All for $8 a month.

    Enjoy the heck out of it!

  2. Brian G

    Have you seen this new site, What’s on Netflix in Canada? Yeah, that’s right, ALL of the latest releases on Netflix.

    I just went there now, and a new show I wanted to watch “Mr. Sunshine” has just started – this a BRAND new show that’s on its fifth episode on TV, and they are showing it already on Netflix Streaming!


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