BSG: this is how it should’ve ended

Battlestar Galactica betrayed me. They gave me three years of foreshadowing, foreboding, clues, and hints, to simply end with ‘God did it’ which is a total cop-out. Too many things simply didn’t ‘t make sense, too many questions unanswered. And it really bothered me. My thought: the writers were putting all this cool stuff in — but didn’t really know where they were going (one of my fears with Lost, though they now seem to know what’s going on). Opera House — three years of foreboding for being a stupid throw-away scene? Baltar and Six said it best to their virtual selves with ‘that’s it’?

I could forgive most of it…except for what they did to Starbuck — one of the coolest chick characters ever. They made her tough, without ruining her femininity. They made her strong, without forgetting that she’s a woman.

So, to show you how easy it is, I’ve come up with my own ending for Starbuck. No silly angel or ghost thing (seriously, she’s an angel? But what about her Viper on Earth? Was it an angel too? We saw her Viper explode!). Anyways, there are plotholes here (again, that stupid viper that she returns in) but give me enough time, and I could fix it. This took me ten minutes…

Starbucks father was Daniel, the murdered Cylon 8. As Ellen said, he was both an artist as well as being spiritual so he had knowledge of creation that opposed Cavil’s views (which is why Cavil murdered the series). However, a Daniel escaped to Caprica, where he fathered Kara (handing down both his artistry, and his spirituality). They played music, Daniel teaching her this music (something he rememberslike a dream from another life but even he doesnt understand it). However, while Kara was still young, he was hunted down by Cavil and destroyed (she thought he had left). Karas mom resented her because she knew what she was: a cylon/human hybrid.

Cavil left Starbuck alone (for now) to let her mature in the pressure cooker of Caprica. After the war, upon discovering her alive, they take her to the farm on Caprica, and begin to run tests on her (the same as they did to Hera). She later escaped before those tests were complete.

However, Kara feels like shes being pulled to a destiny (a god is okayas long as we dont say god did itwhich is a total copoutgod needs to be a directing hand, but not the one who actually pulls the trigger, like in the current finale) that centres around the Ionic Nebula.

Starbuck part cylon, part human (the first hybrid) dies in a fiery crash in the ionic nebula. Her consciousness is downloaded into a resurrection ship on Earth 1* (the same one that the original five used). While this distance was normally too great for downloading, the ionic nebula helps fold this distance again, a foreboding that she had to die, in that nebula, at this time for everything to happen the way it should (god’s hand). Because she is only part cylon, the download is imperfect quite simply, her human mind cannot comprehend what has happened to her. Therefore, she loses memories of the resurrection (no greater a stretch than having Cavil murder the five, then inexplicably implant them into human society with no prior memories).

However, multiple copies of Starbuck are made and are sent out across the universe to find her old fleet like homing pigeons. Several are destroyed (such as the one that crashed on Earth 1). The Ionic storm causes displacements (once again, the hand of God) that sends Starbuck(s) across the universes and 1 copy finds the fleet (the same displacement that shuts down the entire fleet — and also begins to re-awaken the Cylon memories — both centurion and the final five). The other copies of Starbuck….who knows? More adventures, death, whatever.

Then, upon the time of need, the last vestiges of her father appears in memoriesand the Music is reborn.

In the final battle, when Starbuck jumps the Galactica, the jump warp field is enough to destabilize the colony (much the same as the nukes) and it is utterly consumed by the Black Hole.thereby fulfilling her destiny as the harbinger of doom (it was the music that literally destroyed the colony)

*hell, you could even say that Starbuck was a copy made on Earth 1 — by the original five back in their experimentation days…

4 thoughts on “BSG: this is how it should’ve ended

  1. Dave

    Wow. Nicely done. Now if you can only convince Adama (Sr.) that he should walk the earth with his son … and that Baltar becoming a farmer is dumb … and …

  2. Ryan Post author

    Baltar should’ve died in an act of selflessness. The Adama’s should’ve been together, or Sr should’ve gone down with Galactica.

    Too many instances of foreboding or foreshadowing…which never really paid off. What I did above I did off the top of my head — without inside knowledge or without an entire writing team.

    They should’ve figured out where they were going before putting in foreshadowing…

  3. Bev

    Good. Very good. Makes sense. Is coherant. Certainly more than that damn ending we got. I think you should send it to the creators and say, “umm, do you think you could try again? And get it RIGHT this time”

    My question is (and you knew it was coming) why does Starbuck disappear while talking to Lee? She just can’t disappear without warning,without a hint that somehow she has become self aware and has fit some of the pieces of her life together. She was a tormented soul. Does she not get some closure? Some idea of what her life really meant? THAT is why Starbuck’s fate is so frustrating. We’re led along this path with her, watch her tortured, watch her tear herself apart and, for what? To simply disappear in the end? Um, no.

    And what of her complex relationships with both Lee and Sam. She was tortured by her inability to connect to another — witness her drinking and self destructive behaviours. Does she end up really loving Sam in the end? Why? No compute here.

    I could go on and on. Point is, you did a far superior job of at least explaining PART of the mystery of Kara Thrace. The writers and producers of BG– not even close.

    One last question–did they leave all this open because there will be a further series/movie with Starbuck as the lead? That can be the only rational explanation for how they left that story thread flying in the wind. Just saying.

  4. Bev

    Giggle. See, first comment and I’ve already screwed it up. I STILL have my Luddite tendencies! I’m STILL me! Will you please get rid of the second copy of the comment? Hopeless after all these years! Gotta love me!

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