Death of the Horsemen

From the forthcoming Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Project (more info soon):

A terrible rider sat atop a pale horse.

A harvester of death.

The flesh of his torso had been flayed and cut, as if part of a vivisectionist’s dreams. His arms, a map of torment the skin peeled away, layers of meat and sinew hanging from his blood-red bones. Across his shoulders he wore a black cape, the cowl pulled over his head. But even from the darkness of his cloak, even across the distance, his eyes gripped her with a terror that latched her breath in her throat. In those eyes, she stared at mirrored reflections of herself her true self. Helpless, powerless, feeble — a victim.

In his bony hand he carried an impossibly large sickle, the edge dull and notched. The head had dragged behind him, leaving a furrow in the ground, as if the weight were too much for him to bare.

In its other hand it carried a black chain latched to a slathering beast. Once, perhaps, it had been a man. But its back had been broken and reforged, making it crouch like a dog. Bony spikes protruded from its spine, the wounds weeping. Its face was a patchwork of razors and blades, its tongue lashing the air. Its skin was sickly white, contrasting the furrowed welts left from the lashes of a whip.

4 thoughts on “Death of the Horsemen

  1. Billie

    I’m so glad to see some dark stuff. I had hopes that mine would go dark, but except for little snips and snipes here and there, it’s pretty much a gong show. I doubt that Rox will go dark…although, she may surprise me. I fully expect Eileen to have some dark moments.

    So, good!! We got diversity.

    So… when are you posting some Mayhem??
    I need a bit of a mayhem fix.

  2. Roxy

    ohhh…. it’s like poetry. Nice work, ryan.
    Billie is right … I rarely go dark, unless I intend to … I don’t naturally drift there …

  3. Billie

    Still waiting for MAYHEM. It’s starting to feel like waiting for Godo. No pressure. Anytime will do. In fact, I’ve been told we age slower in the summer, so take your time.

    So…what am I doing here, harassing you when I should be writing?? My characters are on another talking jag and I can’t seem to shut them up. I’m contemplating having them swallowed by an earth quake. That’s why I came looking for MAYHEM.

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