Ensuite Bathroom

These pictures don’t do the bathroom justice…they really don’t. But here’s the cost breakdown of the Ensuite. Just if you’re curious:

Vanity: $560
American Standard Townhall Sink: $249.00
American Standard Townhall Faucet: $269
Moen Body jets: $575
Mirrors: $90
Mansfield Toilet: $139
Toilet Paper Holder: $25
Hand-towel Ring: $25
Countertop: $250
Spotlight: $45
Overhead Lights: $65
Bath Fan: $45
Tile: $500
Shower Glass: $450
Costs: $2787

Construction Materials: $350 (boring stuff like drywall, plywood, etc)

Shower & Floor tile: $780
Construction installation: $660
Total: $1440

Total Bathroom Cost: $4577

5 thoughts on “Ensuite Bathroom

  1. Brian G

    That picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s a suhwheet bathroom.

    Not included: Cost of busting down the walls, and all of the little things that you did (like trim, making things more better, etc).

  2. Ryan

    Brian: busting out walls was FREE because I conned John into helping. And it was drywall so it was actually pretty quick.

    The trim was re-used — but base trim I made — and the price was included in ‘construction’ materials.

    But you’re right — probably add another $200 to that for other things (the shelves were $10…screws, mirror fasteners, etc)

    So for under $5,000, you can have a really nice bathroom — the only work we did was the tear out, the painting, the trim, and hanging mirrors. I’ll post the price list for the main bath — it was much cheaper because there wasn’t as much tile.

  3. Brian G

    I love the main bath even more than this bathroom (which is really cool in it’s own right). That’s mostly because I’m a huge mark for wainscotting…you are SO teaching me how to do that.

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