I’m going on a jet plane…

Many jet planes, actually.  The first stop is Vegas for my Mom’s retirement party.  September 23rd-27th.  The second is San Jose for October 29th-November 1st for the World Fantasy Convention.  Much like the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, I’ll be trying to network, network, network as well as to launch my book Women of the Apocalypse

Once again, I got a great deal on travel.  $325 return Cdn (all taxes in).  Unbelievable. 

I’ll be shacking up with Eileen Bell again (her husband says he has to give me a kicking when he sees me next…the law of the West and all).  I did my best — tried not to kill any hookers in the room (well, the bathroom doesn’t count) and she only had a sock on the door twice.  So I think it worked out well for the both of us. 

We’ll be launching our book at this convention, and I’ll be meeting up with Roxanne Felix and Billie Mulholland to discuss our next project (more on that coming soon).  These three babes (Eileen told me that I”m not allowed to refer to them as chicks) have done a dynamic job on their first project called the Seven Deadly Sins (a collection of flash fiction) so I’m lucky to be going along with them on this one.

4 thoughts on “I’m going on a jet plane…

  1. Brian G

    I really wish you’d get a move on with this. I’ve planned on transitioning into my third career (successful comic book illustrator/writer) off of your coat tails, and to be frank you’re 5 years behind my 10 year plan.

    At this point I won’t be able to transition my third career into my fourth (filmmaker) until 2020, which makes my fifth career transition (full circle back to TV production) unlikely until 2030, at which point I’ll be 50!

    So as you can plainly see, your lack of breaking into writing is adversely affecting me.

    Please be better.


  2. Ryan

    Look, this isn’t dependent on me! I’m trying to ride other coattails, so until that pans out, you’re going to have to wait.

  3. Brian G

    Maybe you could start telling people that your friend Brian has big plans for his life that are all hinging on you getting famous? I’m sure they’ll understand then.

    Time is ticking until my 40th my friend, just 2 years, 3 months away…Monthly Las Vegas trips aren’t going to pay for themselves!

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