Telephone Schematics

This is for the doityourselfers.

This is pretty detailed so you might want to pick up an owners manual and perhaps a trade dictionary.

Okay. First rule.

Don’t cut the main line. If you do, you won’t have a phone.

Rule two. Make sure you don’t trim away entire main line so that you can’t even splice it to repair ignoring Rule #1.

In completely unrelated news, my home phone doesn’t work. Please call Kari’s cell if trying to get ahold of us. Though we probably won’t answer it either.


The Management

2 thoughts on “Telephone Schematics

  1. John

    Isn’t the phone line the appendix of your house anyway? Now if you’d cut the porn cable (aka the heart) then you would have had problems.

  2. Kari

    What I find most helpful is that there is no cell phone number printed. Which as one of the home owners involved I am pleased with because it saves me having to pretend to look for a phone. I am thinking maybe there is no need to reconnect that phone line after all.

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