Window Seat (Updated)

When one door closes, another one opens. Well, the renovation door has pretty much closed. Getting away from my business plan (buying houses in our price range) was disastrous. However, not being able to sell this house might not be the end of days…(more on that in the next few weeks).

With our new ideas beginning to take hold, I decided to build a window seat for the Master Bedroom. This is only the first step in completely rebuilding that room (at minimal expense). We also plan on painting (again) and redecorating.

The first step was to build a window seat. This was actually a fairly daunting task for me. I can build furniture…but it’s built in a shop, with detailed plans, and painstakingly crafted. A built-in (like the window seat) is an entirely different creature. This is built using plywood (not the solid wood of the furniture I make) with hardwood edging (something I’ve never done) with no plans (had to make them myself), and drawer slides (again, fine furniture doesn’t use store bought slides), and built in place.

This also isn’t an heirloom, so I don’t want to spend a ton of cash on it.

I spent $240 (that includes tax) on this project.

Now the picture here isn’t complete. I still have to put the drawer fronts on it (I have to attached hardware before I do that) and trim needs to go around the maple top.

But overall, very happy with how it turned out. I’ll attach the completed picture when it’s finished. Paint it, Kari will be making a cushion, and add a few throw pillows, and it adds instant charm to an otherwise empty room.

Next on the list — making those windows nice enough to match the window seat.

8 thoughts on “Window Seat (Updated)

  1. John

    Well we managed to get the permit approved today but we did find out a very interesting tidbit about our lot size that will make you laugh.

    Technically our house, without the basement finished, was already technically finished more than the allowable percentage.

    Thankfully it all got straightened out.

  2. Brian G

    Turns out you were right. Late last night (around 6:30), my boss came and asked if I thought we could do one final push to make it to Monday. Since I had stupidly said that we could probably have everything done for Wednesday, that means that if we use 2 other days, we can get everything done by Sunday night and launched for Monday.

    Awesome. Just effing awesome!

  3. Ryan

    Brian: you know, I even considered calling you. I thought ‘geez, this is exactly what he wants to do’. But I remembered how gung-ho you were about starting your own project…so I thought there was no way you were going to be coming to my place…

  4. Ryan

    Permits? Uh oh. I really think it depends on who you get. You got your kitchen/bath ones really easily…so I’m wondering if you went through the usual run around with your basement?

    Just for my deck was 4 weeks of hell.

  5. John

    Hey that looks pretty flippin nice!

    I am excited to hear what’s the plan and what’s to happen to that room though I thought it was pretty nice already.

    Remind me next time I see you to tell you the ‘fun’ we’ve had with building permits.

  6. Brian G

    Okay, you’ve got me there, but I was actually OFF on Saturday, like as in I didn’t even work! I worked all day Sunday though.

    In other news, I’m taking this weekend off. Yeah, I know, I’m CRAZY, but I’m doing it anyway.

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